A Fall City Guide To Newport RI


Fall 2016

If you are staying in town, walk on down to Bowen Wharf’s to  where owners, Jeff and Geremie Callaghan will welcome you personally at  Fluke Wine, Bar & Kitchen where the food is fresh, local and amazing and they boast a killer artisanal wine list and cocktail menu.

25 Best Things To Do in Newport, R.I.

September 2016

Dishes are imaginative and original, and it is impossible to go wrong. Try the housemade ravioli stuffed with foie gras and dates in parmesan broth or the exceptional cheese & charcuterie plate. The third floor bar is a popular and lively area with a range of award-winning cocktails and a fantastic wine list.

After Glow: A rum toast to day’s end

Art imitates life, and sometimes so do cocktails. That’s the delicious case with this rum-and-juices blend that re-creates the rosy palette of a setting sun. The inspiration at Fluke Wine, Bar & Kitchen in Newport, Rhode Island, is easy to spot: its huge picture windows face west, across the harbor’s bristling masts to sunset over Narragansett Bay.

Where I Go: David Burke

Vanity Fair
Friday, February 22, 2013

To paint the town red, I hit… Usually Fluke Wine Bar & Kitchen, but most of the time I like to stay in and relax.

Newport in a Nutshell

US Airways Magazine
May 2012

An award-winning cocktail menu and wine list are the first flavors to tempt your palate before a simply delicious menu of locally harvested seafood, meat, and produce.

Destination: Newport

Wine Enthusiast Magazine
January 23, 2012

An innovative wine list, rotating small plates menu and handmade cocktails are the appeal at stylish Fluke.

Great Fall Getaways: Newport, Rhode Island

Boston Magazine
October 2011

After dinner, swing by Fluke Wine, Bar & Kitchen, where the classic cocktails are bested only by the second-floor view of Narragansett Bay.

36 Hours in Newport, R.I.

The New York Times
June 19, 2011

With its summer cottages the size of palaces and its century-old status as a yachting capital, Newport is the quintessential playground of American aristocracy. Ambitious upstart restaurants, a boisterous night life and a beachy surf culture belie Newport’s staid reputation.